Monday, November 28, 2016

Understanding The Universe In Linda Goodman Astrology

By Debra Hamilton

The state of Kentucky gave birth to a woman named Mary Alice Kemery on April 9, 1925. The same date is also marked as the birth of Sun Signs, probably the most widely used astrological systems in America. This is because Ms. Kemery later went on to become a poet and famous guru of the stars. The book that made her famous was published 1968, landed and stayed on the NY Times bestseller list for a long time. It was the first book of its kind to accomplish the feat.

Humans have had a long romance with systems of divination or fortune telling. Astrology, which is divining fate through the stars, is still one of the most loved systems today. Often encountered in horoscope sections of newspapers and magazines, Mary Alice Kemery aka Linda Goodman astrology has created a strong niche for itself in America, spawning schools of thought, websites, books, artefacts, and published materials among its numerous believers.

For many, life can be so unguided as to need the services of the supernatural. Religions can work for a portion of these, but they have some strict rules and systems that often are often limiting. So many more will find astrology more accessible, something even the most fanatic worshipper can turn to. Horoscopes belong to a free people, and it is given without obligation to all.

There are some who will totally attest to the efficacy of Sun Signs, the milestone work from Goodman, who was a believer in the secret workings of stars and galaxies independent of earthly time. The author and astrologer believed that time, as people conceive it, rings falsely in the higher orders of universal exchange.

The connection between all beings in the universe was what Lady Linda, as one follower called her, sought to see and enhance. Her life was the first pattern of signs she studied and lead to a lifelong love for stars, symbols and their meanings. The legacy she left for people is the first understanding of the vast order of star signs that possibly controls how humans think and act.

Fame and fortune followed the astrologer probably because she was conscious only of the signs that ruled her fate. The most vaunted intellects were often the ones most attracted to the Goodman method. Remember, also, that she was thought on the same level as they and made old supernatural symbols very relevant to modern living in a practical as well as charmingly believable way.

There are those who will never acknowledge the truth in astrology. But the popularity of Sun Signs and its philosophy is a constant reminder of its strong element of rightness. But in secret, perhaps, lots of people read horoscopes because they offer a way of seeing into the future. Linda Goodman has a following of millions, not simply a few isolated souls. They are respectable and totally sane.

The niche of Linda Goodman astrology is now popular worldwide, which is quite a feat for beliefs that were said to have gone out during the Dark Ages. The lady has established the supernatural world so that the question is not about being against or for it. The universal connection is everything for ordinary humans to aspire for.

Because there are beings out there we can tune to. Not even the most brilliant physicist can deny the existence of a universal intellectual order. And people are only beginning to understand it through the teachings of a very wise woman.

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