Wednesday, November 16, 2016

With Child And Adolescent Therapy Rochester MI Patients Cope Better With Pressure

By Laura Robinson

Nobody will deny the fact that modern life is often stressful and many people find it difficult to cope with the numerous pressures they are exposed to. Children too, are under increasing pressure. They have to cope in an environment that has changed dramatically since the days when their own parents were children. In many cases, with help from an expert in child and adolescent therapy Rochester MI children can learn to adjust to modern society and live a balanced life.

Families used to be the foundation of society, the save haven where children received love and attention and where they developed their own system of values and norms. Unfortunately, millions of children now grow up in single parent homes and the parent is often so busy trying to make ends meet that the children are largely left to their own devices. All too often parents do not even realize that their children are experiencing problems.

Present day children are routinely exposed to drugs, alcohol, pornography and a host of other evils their parents never had to face. They are expected to be achievers and many parents force their offspring to participate in a host of extra curricular activities. In this way many children live highly structured and very busy lives, leaving them no time to enjoy their childhood.

There has been an alarming rise in the number of children that suffer from psychological disorders and that exhibit serious behavioural aberrations. More children commit suicide than ever before. The number of crimes committed by children has also increased dramatically. If these children do not receive professional help they may be in great danger of becoming troubled adults that do not subscribe to the norms of society.

Parents, teachers and families need to look out for the signs that clearly indicate that children may need professional help. In many cases the youngster becomes withdrawn and no longer interact with his friends socially. They sleep either too much or too little and they abandon activities and sport that used to provide them pleasure. In many cases troubled children neglect personal hygiene and either lose or gain weight rapidly.

It is not always easy to convince children that they may need professional help. It is best to find a therapist that specialize in working with younger children and teenagers. They know how to build a trust relationship and they will not betray the child by discussing him with the parents unless it is deemed critically important. The therapist will insist on an assessment interview and a medical examination.

Parents must accept the fact that therapists cannot guarantee results and that they cannot predict how long the treatment will last. They have to first gain the trust of the patient and only then can treatment proceed. Therapists also cannot solve the problems of their patients. They can simply teach the patient techniques that will help him identify his problems and their causes and to then find solutions.

Troubled children all too often grow into troubled adults. Parents should spend time with their children and listen to them. When they cannot cope, they need professional help. Every child deserves the chance to be happy and to enjoy a carefree childhood.

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