Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Best Winter Wedding Tips

By Katie Onson

If you're planning a wedding for the wintertime, chances are that you know that there will be ample work to do. The specific steps to take aren't as well-known, though, which is what anyone in the world of fashion can assist. With the right help, not only will your wedding be lovely but it'll be a memorable event in general. For those who crave winter wedding tips, here are a few that should satiate your appetite.

To start off - and companies such as Estelle's Dressy Dresses will attest to this - winter weddings require the right attires. The aforementioned companies know plenty about sweet 16 dresses, but did you know that they specialize in weddings as well? Winter wedding dresses can feature rich colors, burgundy being a popular option, since they're more eye-catching. The right color goes a long way in helping a wedding dress stand out.

What about food, which is another component of winter wedding to cover? There are many different treats that can be offered prior to the big cake, candy canes and appropriately themed cookies included. As far as the cake itself is concerned, light blue and white icing seem to be the best bets from an aesthetic standpoint. When you're able to present food that is not only pleasing to the eye but the taste buds as well, the winter wedding becomes that much more memorable.

As far as winter wedding venues are concerned, certain decorations can make all the differences. It's almost required that traces of glitter are added, the reason being that they give the impression that the venue itself is something of a winter wonderland. You might also want to keep with the aforementioned colors like white and light blue, as they'll make the wonderland impression even stronger. To say that the right decorations make a difference would be an understatement.

Winter weddings require ample planning, which is why you should keep the requirements covered earlier in the back of your mind. Everything from suitable attires to appropriate food must be accounted for, as they can make or break winter weddings. However, do not assume that your efforts will go unnoticed. The more work that you put into your own wedding, the more fun that everyone will have.

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