Sunday, January 22, 2017

How A San Francisco Bay Area Career Counselor Helps Improve Your Resume

By Penelope Bunce

Many people wonder what employers really look for in a resume. They may spend hours applying for jobs, following online templates, with little success. A San Francisco Bay Area career counselor provides several resources to job-seekers, including resume-building tips.

People looking for their ideal jobs can get the inside track from their career coaches. To begin with, people are usually advised to buy specific tools and resources that will give them a competitive edge in their job searches. The next step would be an alignment consultation which typically lasts just one half hour. These meetings allow people to find any areas of untapped potential that they can leverage to meet their objectives.

Once this initial consultation has been completed, two additional coaching sessions will allow participants to explore their interests and skills more deeply during the 90-minute time span of each of these meetings.

Services are available for people embarking on the job search for the first time, those who are already working in their chosen career and want to advance, and those who intend to change career tracks. Coaching sessions focus on crafting a resume based on interests, style, motivations, and previous successes.

Job seekers and those looking to improve their careers can get valuable advice from a San Francisco Bay Area career counselor, particularly in the area of resume improvement. Companies often look at up 300 resumes in any single day and only take several seconds to decide whether these merit further interest.

Resume coaching can be included in the career packaged mentioned above or it can be performed as a standalone service. Focused on the individual's interests, goals and work experience, these efforts result in the creation of impactful resumes that are guaranteed to garner the targeted attention.

Those looking for more meaningful employment are also encouraged to register with the career-coaching website to receive newsletters and access additional resources about career advancement strategies.

Companies that intend to downsize can use these services as well given that employees who are let go may have a hard time finding new work. A San Francisco Bay Area career counselor can supply help with resume writing and other important forms of career search to assist people at all stages of the career-building process to find and secure opportunities that are in line with their goals, experience and skills.

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