Sunday, January 15, 2017

Learn More About Energy Healer

By Carl Thompson

Generally, energetic healing is a form of energy medicine or therapy, and a kind of complementary and alternative medicine. The early medical practitioners claimed that when the balance of the force in the body is out of balance, an individual becomes ill. However, an energy healer believes that the way to regaining the health back is by correcting such imbalances.

From Traditional Chinese Medicine, the energy or force is often referred as Chi and is viewed as causing a holistic impact. Because of this, the quality and amount of this force which circulates within your body often affects the emotional, psychological, as well as spiritual health of an individual. However, this force not only have an effect on the physical health. At the same time, the practitioners employ various ways to modify and manipulate how the force flows within the body. The aim is usually to realign, replenish, and stabilize the amount and the quality of this force within the body.

Generally, practitioners of this form of medicine believe that the body of a person is usually an energy system, and any imbalance at any level manifest in the physical. This form of healing also depends on the belief of the client that the practitioner will be able to channel the force into him. At the same time, those who believe in this form of medicine claim that a practitioner will either add or subtract the energy in the body of the client, thereby bringing back the balance.

Scientists, however, still question how the use of this energetic healing restores the spiritual, physical, and mental health of an individual. While the healers may use different approaches, their goal is actually one. They seek to restore health by channeling the force from one individual to another in order to add or lower the levels thereby achieving the balance.

The energetic healing is usually a conscious and skilled use of the therapeutic modalities to benefit an individual. This is because emotions, false beliefs, trauma, mental stress, physical distress, environmental stress as well as other blocks to your physical growth can be stored in energetic fields in the body. This can, however, affect the abilities of your body to function and work to the full potential.

Also, the energetic healing helps your body to heal by clearing blocks in your energetic fields. On the other hand, this healing also rebalances and repairs the force helping the body to get to its optimum level and get at its natural ability of self-healing.

The energetic healing can also help detect problems before they are evident in the physical body such as pain and other similar distortions. This form of healing opens the consciousness of a person on areas that require attention and bring life back into balance, as well as maintain harmony, health, and vitality.

The term energetic healing is generally used to describe any therapy that manipulates the way the force circulates in the subtle or physical bodies. Such manipulation, however, causes the body regain its balance thereby initiating natural healing. This form of healing is usually holistic and usually goes beyond the physical manipulations to your subtle systems diseases could be located.

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