Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Best Sources Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

By Jason Cooper

Eating is crucial to human health. Some people eat to live while others live to eat. Irrespective of the eating philosophy of an individual, one should find the best sources of omega 3. There are certain foods that will supply the body with this kind of nutrient. There is need for daily intake of foods that contain this crucial element. The most important thing is to indulge in a diet that has all the important nutrients such as vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates. On top of eating right, one should also exercise on a regular basis.

Most diseases are caused by inflammation of cells. The best way to prevent cells from being inflamed is to have a diet that has omega three foods. These will also help in fighting free radicals that are responsible for causing acne, aging and other undesirable skin conditions. Intake of this element on a regular basis will boost hormone production and facilitate proper mood regulation.

There are plant and animal sources. Some people can eat both plant and animal products. However, there are those who are a hundred percent vegetarian. Such individuals will not want to see meat in front of them. A person who is not a vegetarian can obtain this nutrient from eggs. Eating the egg yolk will help the body in many ways.

A popular source is seeds and nuts. Humans have eaten nuts since time immemorial. Some of them do not require special preparation. Thus, one can eat them raw. Walnuts and ground nuts are the most nutritious nuts. When it comes to seeds, there are a number of options including flax seeds and hemp seeds. These can be used in cooking.

Fish is loaded with plenty of omega three fatty acids. There are varied kinds of fish. Each of them has a unique appearance, smell and taste. Basically, there are fishes harvested from shallow waters such as rivers and lakes and those harvested from the deep sections of the sea. Fish is low in cholesterol. This makes it heart friendly.

The salmon is a kind of fish that has a unique flavor. Just a small serving of this fish will provide a person with all the fatty acids that he needs in a day. Salmon is also rich in proteins. The building block of muscle is amino acids which is an element that is found in proteins. Eating salmon is good.

Omega three can also be obtained from cod liver oil. This is especially recommended for young children because it helps in the development of the brain. One should purchase this oil from a reputable outlet. There is need to check out the expiry date. A spoon of cod liver oil every day will greatly boost the health of an individual.

The body needs omega 3 foods just as it needs other types of foods. These foods serve vital roles. First, they enhance cardiovascular health. The heart is the most important organ in the body. It supplies blood to all organs. This nutrient will also enhance the brain leading to better memorization and improved well being. Children as well as adults need these acids.

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