Friday, February 10, 2017

Dealing With Emotional Growth In Adults

By Christopher Jackson

People who are emotional mature will be more content in life. They are able to be more focused in the home environment as well as in the work place. It can be easier to cope in relationships. It is easier to make day to day decisions, and there will be limited frustration in one's life. Emotional growth in adults, is therefore something to focus on.

For example, someone may be stuck in their life. It can happen after trauma. They may have been abused as a child. If they choose to block this out, they often just forget about it. However, one will always be stuck in this place, emotionally. A person like this will not be fully mature as someone who has grown up in a healthy environment. People are able to tell the difference.

There are professional people to help with this type of growth. Everyone is different, and they will need various coping strategies which work best for them. Someone may be suffering from a particular personality problem and they need to look at how they can cope with certain decisions that they have to make. Someone like this will need more support.

Some people are emotionally immature because of a traumatic experience, and talking about this can be helpful. It will be easier to cope with over time. It is more difficult for someone with a personality disorder. They need to learn about various mechanisms which can help them cope when they are feeling anxious and this makes them seem as if they are childish.

It is not something that comes automatically. There are specialized sorts of groups which are ideal for someone like borderline personality disorder, for example. This will teach them more about being relaxed through meditation. There are various coping mechanisms that they learn so that they know what to do should they think they are going to react in a violent way.

Someone who has been abused as a child, for example often has not talked about this. They would be feeling a lot of guilt and shame for many years. They may be feeling stuck at some point in their lives, and people close to them may notice that they get into a habit of becoming depressed, moody, angry or abusive. Drinking is often the cause of someone who is emotionally immature.

Someone who is emotionally immature will also have trouble with their relationships because they are more child like in their behavior. They may react sensitively. They may be less focused and they will be unable to be as intimate which obviously causes complications in the relationship. This may only come to surface during marriage counseling.

It does take baby steps, but over the time, the person will begin to change in a practical way as they talk about their emotions. This will obviously less frustration in their lives. At the end of the day, one wants to be content, and not to be having an anxiety attack with the most basic decision. When you take those steps, you will begin to feel a lot happier and joyful.

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