Saturday, February 18, 2017

Poison Ivy: The Biggest Do's And Don'ts You Should Know

By David Kellan

To say that poison ivy is troublesome would be nothing short of an understatement. While it's often associated with extreme rashes, the problems can build to become even more troublesome. This is why it's important to know as much about poison ivy as possible, which is where your local Hampton tick control company can come into play. When it comes to ivy exposure, prevention, and the like, here are the biggest do's and don'ts you should know.

DO know what poison ivy looks like. First and foremost, you should have a general understanding of how poison ivy plants appear. One of the features to look out for is the smaller collection of leaflets, which are attached to larger leaves. In addition, these plants usually take on the form of shrubs. These are just a few visual features that companies such as Alternative Earthcare will be able to tell you about.

DON'T let poison ivy grow if it's on your property. A number of lawns have dealt with problems related to poison ivy growth, meaning that the chances of exposure become higher. It's important to remove these plants as soon as possible, but what if you're uncertain of your ability to do so? Hampton tick control companies will be able to help you out. By hiring a trusted authority on the matter, your poison ivy problem will become a thing of the past.

DO don the right type of clothing. Specifically, you should focus on wearing clothes that offer enough coverage. You'd be surprised to see just how protective pants and long-sleeved shirts can be when it comes to poison ivy. While it might go without saying, you wouldn't be able to achieve the same results with short-sleeved tops and shorts, since your skin will be exposed to the element. For the sake of protection against poison ivy, clothes with enough coverage are essential.

DON'T overlook protective creams. One of the best things about the world we live in today is that there are solutions to virtually every problem. Poison ivy exposure is no exception, which is where certain protective creams come into play. Not only are these creams found in many retailers and pharmacies but, more importantly, they work wonders. When you apply one of these solutions, poison ivy doesn't stand a chance.

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