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Vita Information On Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counseling Kennesaw

By Joseph King

When you become addicted to drugs, your body becomes reliant on them to function properly. Whether it is prescription drugs or illegal ones, you begin to feel as though you need them to survive. Therefore, breaking the physical aspect of your addiction can be one of the most difficult parts of your treatment plan. However, that isn't the only part a treatment facility should focus on. If they don't focus on your mental health, your drug abuse recovery won't be successful in the long term. Alcohol/Drug abuse Counseling Kennesaw is a vital part of any addiction treatment and recovery program.

The best way a rehab facility can focus on your mental health is through counseling. This is why it is important to make sure you choose a facility that makes psychotherapy a big part of your treatment plan. While getting you off the drugs physically is often the biggest challenge, you won't stay off the drugs if they can't get to the bottom of why you are using drugs. Most people start using drugs because of some other problem in their lives.

Depending on the type of addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling, sexual, etc.), the type of treatment will likely vary. To determine any particular individual's needs for treatment, an addiction specialist will usually take them through a screening questionnaire to assess their patterns of addiction.

For example, the Tolerance Annoyance test or T-ACE is one of the most widely used screening instruments for alcohol use and consists of only four questions. How many drinks does it take to make you high? Are you ever annoyed when someone criticizes your drinking? Have you ever felt you should cut back on drinking? Have you ever drank first thing in the morning to help ease a hangover or calm your nerves?

After being assessed, your addiction professional will put together a plan for treatment, which could include a number of different options. There are both in-patient treatment programs and residential programs as well as outpatient programs that allow the individual to maintain their job and stay at home.

Typically a program will provide a blend of different therapies to treat certain addictions. These may include prescription drugs to wean an individual from their addiction and ease the effects of withdrawals, counseling, and education about addiction science, meditation, and even acupuncture.

Psychotherapy should play a primary role in your drug abuse recovery. This is because it is important to determine the underlying issues that have led to your addiction to help you overcome it and stay clean. A good alcohol rehab program will include both individual and group counseling while you are going through the program. However, you may also want to find a facility that provides you with counseling services after you leave the facility. This will provide you with the support you need to get clean and stay that way.

Greater success rates are experienced with after-treatment support. Patients who get continued assistance from other medical and psychological professionals are more likely able to rejoin society faster. Social services may also play an important role in keeping a former addict drug free

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