Sunday, March 26, 2017

Following The Will Of God With The Faith Christian Church

By George Cooper

Nowadays, the followers of God is slowly decreasing. That is not really surprising. The world created their ideal God. Their ideal Creator is the one who could make their life comfortable. Someone who could take away their suffering and pain. You cannot blame them for it. From the start, they were never given the chance to know the truth.

You should never waste the life He gives to you. He died on the cross to give you light and hope. Until the day He returns, holds on to it tightly. The Lord is coming. Nobody knows when only His Father in heaven knows about it. By that time, try to prepare yourself. To understand God, visit one of His people. You could go to the Faith Christian church Wichita KS. Aside from this, you could also read the Bible. Share and preach the world to other people. He is coming.

Together with other followers, examine how much you love Him. God is faultless. It is not Him who destroy the world. It is the sin that people committed. Sins are very contagious. If you are tainted with sins and treat others brutally, assure that those people will also display the same attitude to other people too.

It goes down until it corrupts everybody. It is curable, though. God live a cure for it. To be precise, Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed His life just to be a cure for your illness. He did it to save you, to save the entire world. You need to be grateful enough.

Love is not all about praying to God. You cannot just pray to Him and blame Him all the negative things that happen to your life. That is not loving. You are only expressing your selfish desire to obtain a comfortable life. You see, everyone Here in this world wants to live a comfortable life. The Lord can give you that.

Fortunately, Jesus Christ is not like that. He gives you light and love. That is why, right now, make sure to change your ways. Imagine how deep His love to you. You should accept it. Understand what it means to love your Lord. Know what it takes to love Jesus Christ. You cannot just call Him every time you need something.

You should become one of those lights. Be a fragment of His love. Do not take His words for granted. He will come. He would come in the least time you have expected. That is His promise. Until then, do whatever you can to secure your place in Heaven. It would never be easy, though. However, do not worry.

However, due to the fact that it is quite troublesome, you decided to ignore it. A lot of people are doing it after all. Probably, several of you might be thinking the same way. Truly, if you are that kind of person, do not ever think that you can go through in heaven. God loves you. He loves you very much that until now, Jesus Christ is still watching you no matter how many times you lied to Him.

They abuse their employees. They abuse the environment. If you really want to live with a purpose, you should share your blessings to others. Follow His footsteps. There is no way that you can repay God with His kindness. That is why try to pass it to those less fortunate individuals.

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