Friday, March 31, 2017

What Veterans Organizations Provides Servicemen

By Michael Watson

Groups for certain members of fighting units or servicemen who served in certain times during a war fought by Americans are varied. These can have many kinds of affiliations, philosophies, needs and objectives. The standard organizations have the most members, and these can be acknowledged by many because of they have no attached objectives and rules.

Established veterans organizations include the Retired Enlisted Association or the Navy League of the United States. Vietnam veterans organizations are many because a lot of people served there and most of them are still living. And because of the issues that were formed during and after the conflict, many of these have political or social agendas.

The healthiest of organizations are reserve associations for general types like Air Force or Army. Some can be grouped as reservists for specific squadrons, battalions or divisions, units that the same reservists once served in. This means that everyone here can still fight, but for Vietnam there are less orgs like these because it was an unpopular war.

This view of this war might have even caused many to form underground movements against the government because of grievances that they have. Also, some of them have been wronged to the point that they are beholden to fight for their rights. A lot of these might be on watchdog lists, but not in those recognized by the government.

Local, state or federal authorities all have to recognize any group of military vets, because their service is important to the country. They need to do so and maintain cordial ties because doing otherwise can easily alienate ex servicemen who have given years of their lives defending America. But government can be choosy especially in terms of financial and material support for the organization in question.

Some veterans organizations can be those serving people of a certain race, and are fighting for equal treatment and nonprejudicial military practice. Other outfits of this kind include those affiliated to religions or a fraternal order. For those who were in Vietnam, these groups may be a comfort after all the political fractiousness associated with more militant protest groups.

Also, it is not the only war that America fought, and loads of established associations were founded before it happened. And many have formed into professional sodalities like war correspondents, bombardiers, artillerymen, armor, and other specialized classifications that have seen their share of fighting. Most of these have serious and exemplary objectives.

These organizations may be ones that are tasked to help out all kinds of vets. Thus most will focus on one kind of support system or program like those who are missing a limb, or those with PTSD and generally helping out people lead ordinary lives in the civilian world. Vietnam is distinguished by the discovery of PTSD, psychological post combat trauma that is true for all vets.

Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc. Is one of the largest orgs specifically named after the war. Many of its members came from the battlefields there but this brotherhood does not confine itself to helping their own brethren alone, but all veterans. All of these groups have a continuous commitment to help those in need.

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