Monday, March 27, 2017

Why Normal Christianity Found In The Psalms Is Needed Today

By Mark Reed

Poetry once used to be the tribal communication module, a very ancient form of mnemonics with rhyme and metering. When history was the spoken word, it was important to couch it in easy to remember, and later iterations took in beautiful letters. Luckily, poetic techniques like rhyme also spelled the most beautiful ways of expressing concepts that could range from simple to complex.

From these early humans, Christians inherited the laws of reason, the laws of the hearth and laws of the highest universal order. And most of these, when accessed through their original system of expression, will sound like the normal Christianity found in the Psalms. And it is no surprise that the concepts here share a pride of place with the most important precepts of the modern testament.

Iudea is probably the contemporary civilization being referenced here, the Roman territory run by a royal Jewish proxy. Those laws, then, conformed to the definitions of the contemporaneity. And beauty was in full use, the mind stretching towards a vision of how life could be heavenly when all the tenets are followed by an entire human civilization.

These concepts took a couple of millennia to become a normal standard for most humans living on this planet. There were numerous wars, misfit generations, and loads of evil designs worked into kingdoms and empires, with attached wrongminded philosophies before humans awoke to what is right. Perhaps it took the bone mountains, blood rivers and shattered nations to hardwire tribal memories with the said concepts.

Normal Christianity is all about celebrating life, happiness and love. The exact values that David tried his best to make strong every time he sang, and even through the dark lens of nations committing murder as an accepted way of life throughout the Fertile Crescent during his time. This last Christian redaction before the second Christian millennia was perhaps the most important.

If the normal Christianity in Psalms has done nothing else but keep people of faith anchored to the original precepts for living in peace and harmony through the worst times, then its mission has been accomplished. However, there is still much to be accomplished in these terms. So the Psalms and its teachings must retain a paramount dynamic in the life of all Christians today.

Studying the Psalms and relevant commentaries will be excellent. Because it has been redacted to address all the complex issues of that day, the Psalms have the flavor of maturity and wisdom that cannot be found in many Old Testament passages, even those that were originally done in verse. Poetics perhaps made a departure from this Biblical turning point, and the older oral histories without the beautiful element started being classified as verse.

Literature went many ways from that time forward, even as its life was strongly entwined with Christian history. For true believers, continuous study of Biblical works in question is highly recommended. Most will not miss the opportunity to go deeper and broader into the philosophy.

The most useful Bibles to read are probably the NRSV or NASB, with some referencing to old King James passages. Nowadays, though, all kinds of Bibles available are often a certain standard preferred for historical or academic concerns. Free copies are distributed by many groups.

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