Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Fashion-Related Myths That Should Be Exposed

By Katie Onson

You should never believe everything that you read or hear, even when it comes to the vast world of fashion. Anyone in this industry will tell you that while there is plenty of concrete information to take in, other details do not hold as much water as they appear to. As a matter of fact, these details can be best described as myths. If you'd like to know which myths stand out, here are just a few, as well as why they're easily debunked.

"Only vertical - not horizontal - stripes should be worn." According to companies like Estelle's Dressy Dresses, it's not just vertical stripes that make a person look thinner. Despite what many people say about horizontal stripes making someone look wider, it's been said that they can actually help to create a sense of thinness. The stripes themselves simply have to be worn in the right areas. This goes for any article of clothing, from simple blazers to sweet 16 dresses.

"No one should wear blue and black together." Do not make the mistake of assuming that blue and black are incompatible. These two colors, as similar as they might be in shade, can actually work well together. The main way to do this, though, is by accessorizing wisely. You should use the right accessories so that they go with your clothing from a visual standpoint. This is yet another fashion myth that shouldn't be so easily believed.

"You shouldn't wear multiple patterns at once." Despite what you may believe, it's entirely possible to wear more than one pattern. More and more fashion enthusiasts have come out in support of this sentiment, meaning that you should try to experiment with different options. You might be surprised by the results you come across, too. It's simply a matter of playing around with the options that you have at your disposal.

As you can see, there are more than a few fashion myths that fashion specialists will be able to tell you about. This is why you should make it a point to learn, uncovering the myths in question so that you can see the truth that exists underneath. Fashion will continue to grow as time moves on; this is a fact. However, in order to be as stylish as possible for any time of the year, you should be able to differentiate fact from fiction.

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