Friday, June 30, 2017

An Insight Into Love Addiction Therapy

By Kevin Graham

Usually, nicotine is the most addictive substance but love addiction is worse than nicotine addiction. Sometimes, love becomes a disease worse than cancer. It is said to be blind and that is why we lose sight when falling in love. While some people have died for affection do not follow them, rather Love Addiction Therapy.

This addictive emotion is basically instantaneous and the people involved will mostly not be at a position of controlling themselves but get attracted to partners who tend to avoid them. They will suffer from fear of being rejected and become more willing to die rather than get rejected. They choose to spend bad days near their life partners and not happy days with other persons. Affection cannot be attributed to gravity, but to strong nuclear forces that hold such bonds between two persons hence making it like some disease.

This dependence is similar to any other dependence but a therapy can help to heal. The dependence is psychological and a therapy is the answer. At times, it is a response to childhood experience especially trauma.

The sick party displays behaviors that are harmful to themselves. They cannot leave their partners no matter the degree of the abusiveness and torture they go through. They are not ready to leave their sole mate, and they cannot leave an abusive relationship. They keep going back to abusive and emotionally unavailable partners.

Such people usually abandon their families or friends in pursuit of very romantic relationships. They as well develop misconceptions of sex being an affection and utilize it as a bait to hold on to the partners. They often get depressed when out of such affairs.This is their second home since new partners will still be abusive. They remain mostly unhappy in the romantic affairs engaged in and develop dangerous sex-related habits resulting in other forms of addictions. Unexplainable physical aches will also be suffered together with involvement in habits that are unhealthy to cope with their emotional pains.

Talk therapies are often used in the treatments to help emotional individuals resolve their problem. This is done by letting them understand the beliefs and thoughts held and transform them into something positive and helpful. Talks will help addicts to adjust to craves for risky situations so that they avoid and control their urge. It is a non-formal because the dependence is never a disease in clinical terms hence making the therapy effective and cheap.

The treatment is usually very beneficial. After the treatment, individuals can make decisions spontaneously rather than on fears of past experiences. This makes the person free, and they are no longer prisoners but are ready to let things happen rather than force them to happen. They can let go without worries and remain emotionally stable.

In addition, interest in conflicts is lost and affections full of conflicts avoided. When the obsessive characters end, genuineness is developed and more time is utilized in interacting with their family members or friends. Interest on judgmental habits is also lost and the unique attributes of partners is appreciated. In addition, they will stop judging themselves and instead become more contented with the feelings naturally developed towards people around them and towards nature.

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