Sunday, July 30, 2017

Characteristics Of An Ideal Worshiper In A Christian Church Wichita KS

By Stephanie Harris

A lot of confusion has set into the different denominations people have faith in. Nobody can tell which one is the real religion. Every pastor or minister is trying to attract as many followers as possible. Such is done by claiming that their creed is the true one. One can identify themselves as true worshipers in a Christian church Wichita KS if they have the beneath characteristics.

True convicts should understand that their deliverance is not because of their means but because of the mercies of Christ. They should not boast over this since it is a reward given to them for free. They should understand that He who gives has the power to take them away from them. They should, therefore, use this to draw many into the ways of the Lord.

A true believer also likes imitating what the Lord wants prayers to live like. Everybody loves to have a very powerful and an outstanding role model. For instance, some have movie stars as their models and others the great celebrities. A Christian must understand that their role model is Jesus Christ and therefore they should live according to the life that he led on earth and also on how He expects them to live.

A real disciple obeys the teachings of the Lord through biblical teachings. A skeptic life is characterized by doing what is expected of them in the bible. One proves their love for the Messiah by only obeying what He wants them to do. Following what is contrary to teachings in a bible shows that they do not love Christ.

Friendship with the worldly pleasures can be termed as the beginning of enmity between a human and the Lord. A Christian within Wichita KS should stand firm not to fall into the earthly temptations. Once you agree to follow what the world expects of you, then you become an enemy to Godly readings. A skeptic must consequently not conform to these evil teachings.

Praying regularly is very crucial in the life of an advocate. This ensures that the opponent of the word has no room in the lives of other Christians. Having time with the Creator gives one the power to drive out the devil from the affected. It also gives the power of healing by praying to those who are not only physically sick but also emotionally ill. Thus a good disciple must know they belong to the worshiper church if they have such trait.

A genuine and faithful follower can display the character of the Lord through their deeds. It is not good for one to preach wine but then take water. A preacher must show a reflection of what they are preaching through their actions. One must be able to know that Christ is about them through their actions. For instance, someone who cannot forgive shows that they do not have the holy spirit in them.

One must be able to glorify Christ as their savior. One who gets ashamed when they are associated with the Lord then they cannot claim to know God. The actions of believers must exhibit the goodness and the enduring love of God in them. They must also be ready to live for Him.

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