Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Significant Benefits Of Telepathy In Animals

By Carolyn Stone

Though humans and animals do not speak the same language, it is never surprising to see pets react to certain sounds or actions. It is also difficult to understand how the creatures can listen to people but people cannot listen to them. However, it all comes down to Telepathy in Animals, which is the energy that allows pets and humans to communicate without words or actions.

Everyone usually has this ability at the time of birth. Then they learn how to speak verbally, hence, have less and less need for telepathic communication. With time, the ability gets completely dormant but still exists. Reigniting it is possible, but you would have to seek help from an expert before you can fully awaken it once more. Animals, on the other hand, keep their abilities until they die. It is therefore up to individuals to learn the technique, something that will require a lot of dedication and tolerance.

Communicating with your pets telepathically happens in the form of thoughts, ideas, images and even sounds in the mind. For the communication to work, you will need to free your mind from all other thoughts, as well as be in a relaxed position. Then you need to slowly create in your mind, a picture of what you would like the pet to do. With enough concentration and constant practice, you will soon find that you can communicate with the pet without words or actions.

Most people who have used this type of communication with their pets have reported of successfully helping them. Your dog or cat may be feeling sick, but since it cannot talk, you may not know until it is too late. However, if you can connect subconsciously, you might be able to hear the pet tell you its problem, after which you will take steps to save its life.

Since the discovery that animals and people can communicate through such an avenue, pet trainers started integrating such practices in their lines of duty. While the pets will have a difficult time understanding verbal commands, they will hear everything you tell them intuitionally. The training will, therefore, continue more smoothly and end successfully. This method will also help you probe and rectify the recent unacceptable behavior your pet has been having.

Since this communication avenue knows no boundaries, it is easy to keep in touch with the pets even if they are a distance away. In fact, you may have noticed that when you go back home from work, you always find your dog or cat waiting for you at the door. They have the ability to connect with you and know if you are on your way back home. Even two individuals who learn this skill can find themselves easily keeping in touch without the need for communication gadgets.

Issues like having to move to a new house, or traveling away for a while also affects the pets as much as it affects humans. To help prepare them for any potential change, you could connect with the pets and make them aware of what is about to happen. They usually end up reacting positively to the change than if it abruptly occurred.

While most people will not believe that talking to animals is possible, others are doing it. They end up learning more about themselves and their pets as they practice their telepathic abilities. If you learn it, you are sure to see your relationship with your pet change for the better.

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