Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Importance Of Developing Self Love

By Susan Cooper

There are many things that people work towards in their lives. This can include goals in the work place as well as in their personal lives. Many people like to lose weight or aim at developing personal relationships. A lot of individuals like to improve their lifestyles with materialism. However, many people don't realize the importance of developing self love.

Without self love, you will find that your relationships will suffer and it you will begin to replace many of the finer qualities in your characters that you feel you lack with materialism or greater achievements, focusing on the outward appearances. People sometimes focus on other people, without paying enough attention to themselves and this can be crippling.

You may love your husband or your wife. However, to avoid complications in your relationship the first thing you have to do is to love yourself. It does not come overnight. It will obviously depend on the person and what they have been through in life. For someone who has been emotionally abused, they will find that this can lead to a low sense of self esteem, and this will be more difficult to work through.

It is understandable why you may be harsh or unkind to yourself. You will have a stressful job. You may be a parent who has a child who is going through a bad patch. This can lead to self blame. You may also have come from a dysfunctional family. Individuals who have grown up in this way usually put themselves down and are often negative about themselves.

This is natural when someone has suffered from emotional abuse, for example. They would have been told that they are useless or that they will never get anywhere in life. This is obviously going to play on your mind. You will be negative about everything that you do. You will begin to hate yourself. In a case like this, you will need to seek therapy because it is more difficult to deal with.

Encourage yourself through the bad days. Things like depression and anxiety can definitely get you down. You will find that you will find this can lead to a lot of negativity in your life. You may find that self talk can creep into your life. When you are with the right sort of people, you will also find that you will grow and become more encouraged and motivated to move in the right direction.

You also need to make sure that you are in the right circles. This will give you more encouragement. Being with people who are negative about their lives will bring you down further. If you are in a relationship which causes you to become depressed because you feel that your partner is not compassionate, encouraging or kind, it is time to move on.

Self care is also something to pay attention to. You will feel so much better when you pay attention to yourself and the way in which you make yourself feel. This can include relaxing in a spa. Some people feel better after a massage. Changing your look by having a new hair style or buying a new outfit can also work well. Exercise or meditation also works wonders.

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