Wednesday, April 1, 2015

All About Spiritual Experiences With God

By Iva Cannon

Having a stronger spiritual sense cannot be given to you instantly at birth. You will have to work on it as you grow old since that is how you will be able to learn about the mysteries of your faith. So, get specific and adhere to the paragraphs below for you to be in the right path and stop wasting your time.

The first thing that you would have to do is pray in silence. Most of your spiritual experiences with God are things that you would be experiencing on your own. You are not recommended to brag about it since that is not how you would be able to appreciate the spiritual peace that you would achieve.

Second, you should start learning the value of humility. If you are planning to do something big in His name like donating a large amount of money to a charity, then you will have to remain anonymous. He sees everything that you do which should be enough to put contentment in your heart.

Third, confess your sins and repent for them. This is a package that cannot be broken apart. If you will only take the Sacrament of confession for the sake of it, then you are not doing your part in your redemption. You will eventually get back to the life of sin since you will not feel guilty about your past actions.

If you have always been a wallflower in your Church group, then it is time for you to change that. Take note that it is not enough for you to gain knowledge from the Scriptures. You have to go beyond that and see through the eyes of the people who have the same faith as yours. That is how you can strenghthen your beliefs.

You would have to act like your Father is just there beside you. If you would do that, then you would be making sure that everything you do would be in line with His teachings. You would feel guilty when you are about to commit a sin and that would lead you to take the other path instead.

You would need to talk to your minister. Talk about the things that are preventing you from being closer to Him. Yes, you are not close with this person but that does not mean that the two of you cannot build a good relationship in time. That is what you have to put in your mind when you are starting to have doubts again.

If you seem to have all the time in the world, then it will be best for you to be in Bible meetings everyday. Human as you are, you need something that will guide you and that is where the Bible will come in. It will give you the strength to resist temptations for you to continue pleasing your Father.

Overall, allow your religion to be your main core. It will prevent you from questioning the path that has been given to you. It will make you see your troubles as blessings and not as a curse.

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