Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Positive Results From Drug Addiction Intervention Oakland CA Teenagers Have Experienced

By Iva Cannon

People are blessed with freedom of choice and therefore have free will to do as they please. Your freedom of choice can either work for you or against you and when it comes to substance abuse, it is working against you. Many people fall prey to substance abuse for various reasons. This is is why the need for drug addiction intervention Oakland CA victims have been asking for is completely necessary.

Substance abuse is practiced by people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Initially, it was believed that only people from disadvantaged communities and poor backgrounds practiced substance abuse. It was also thought that children who had little or no discipline and came from dysfunctional families were more prone to drug abuse. However, it is now apparent that substance abuse has no race, age, gender or creed.

There are many types of drug abuse. Most people are under the impression that this type of abuse is deliberate. However, it is not the case. Some people start off taking prescription medication and they eventually become addicted. It is not planned out and in a way, is unfortunate as they lack the necessary self control to prevent it.

Substances that can and are abused, are found in various places. Many people buy illegal substances on the street, from unsavory characters and the likes of them, while others buy these substances from authorized dealers, like pharmacies and retail stores. These substances are usually bought from pharmacies to be put to good use or because there is a genuine need for them, however, the problem arises, when addictions to these drugs form.

The most typical time for people to start experimenting with dangerous substances is in school. Teenagers are placed under a lot of pressure by peers to do what the rest of the crowd is doing. They fear being discriminated against or cast aside by so called friends, so many of them experiment with these substances against their better judgement. There are also many older people that start abusing substances later on in their life for many reasons.

Different people will have different reasons for doing this. Some simply start off wanting to experiment and think that they will be bale to stop at any time. Others do it because they want to experience the high of taking these substances and simply don't care about the consequences. There are many people who actually take prescription medication to help with medical conditions and unfortunately become addicted to it over time.

There are many dangerous substances that are addictive for many reasons. The main point to remember is that these substances are all bad for your health and many of them cause damage to your mind and body. In fact, a lot of the side effects of many dangerous substances are irreversible and in many cases, people have died from the long term use of dangerous substances.

There are many non profit organizations out there dedicated to helping victims of substance abuse. The victim however, does need to be willing to give up their bad habit and take the good advise that they will be receiving. These organizations are made up mainly of volunteers that have a genuine desire to help others live a better quality of life.

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