Saturday, September 26, 2015

Making Mistakes Is Critical In Becoming A Success

By Evan Sanders

Fail forward rather than crumble to pieces.

Failure while tough at times, is one of our greatest chances to grow and elevate ourselves in our pursuit of achieving our goals and dreams. However there's another vital component to the equation of failure that we don't really cover that much.

This is about making mistakes.

Making mistakes is just as much as a part of the game as full blown failures. They are inevitable and even though they are on a much lesser scale than failures, they matter just as much. We have all made mistakes in our lives and they serve as crucial course correctors on our path if we let them teach us.

Successes can teach you a whole lot about life, but mistakes and failures end up being the things that really shape us into who we are. When we learn from what we have not succeeded at it gives us a chance to show up in the world in a completely different way and build a new path for ourselves. If you take Edison for example, he failed over 1,000 times in attempting to create the light bulb, but in the end because he learned from his mistakes, he revolutionized the world.

What truly mattered though was the undeniable fact that he didn't let his mistakes discourage him. He knew better than anyone that it was all part of the journey and at the end he would be surrounded in light. He eventually was.

We are going to mess up. We are going to snap and push people away, ask for things we presumed we wanted, and make bad calls that will end up doing some damage in our lives. But when we turn mistakes, which can often be fixed, into failures which take masses of superglue and duct tape to fix, things start to get messy.

How do you avoid that from happening?

Own your mistakes. Take full responsibility for them. Know that your mistakes are a natural part of life and that they don't have to be things that completely destroy your character. When you own your mistakes, to yourself and to others, you are free from guilt.

When we create our problems, we have to fix them. That's what a responsible and goal driven person will do every single time. Without taking responsibility, we will suffer the consequences.

Own your path.

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