Sunday, September 27, 2015

Why Air Filter Testing Lab Is Reliable

By Della Monroe

One of the things we need inside our home is our air condition system. It gives us great ventilation inside our home so we will feel comfortable no matter if we are only relaxing or we are busy folding up the laundry. A very good ventilation system dont just give you a very comfortable space to stay but it also help us keep our furniture to look great at all times and last long.

But one very common problem with the system is its filtration problem. There are homeowners who often experienced filter problem because they also lack maintenance. This was made common in the industry, therefore air filter testing lab make their testing better to produce efficient filters.

But there are several people who kept on doubting these companies with the effectiveness of their services. But rest assured all of them in the industry are licensed to run the business. They are not just a bunch of people who love to make and test the efficiency of filters but they are committed to give all their clients very good and clean breathable gas solutions.

One way of producing quality products is through having machinery equipment. The equipment inside these laboratories is designed by their in house professionals. It is a guarantee that these machines can test the particle counters, airflow meters, gas analysis, and many more. Aside from the thorough testing made by the machineries, professionals are there to manually test it all once again. The test starts from the bolts, the durability and efficiency of the material, down to its entire body function and longevity.

Each kind of filters has its own function. They are categorized to the level of efficiency they could perform. There is the premium, best, better, and good. All of these got individual color identity which are often stick to the filters or the entire system.

Good is the first degree. Good means filter could only handle household large particles like dust mites, pollen, pet dander, dust, and lint. Better is next which functions like Good. But Better can handle several bacteria and or mold spores.

Best is next to Better which could accumulate the same particles with better but has larger particle coverage. It also filters smoke, smog, microscopic allergens, particles which carries viruses. Premium is next to Best. It has the capability to handle what Best could handle but it also filters any types of particles which carries odor.

All the personnel in the laboratory are experts in terms of filtration. All the experts went to a series of filtration programs. They passed the examination, training, and education being offered by National Air Filtration Association or the NAFA.

NAFA is the source of expertise, education, and standard in the air filtration in US. They are the only known organization which recognizes the excellence of professionals. Because there are a lot of people who likes to work in filtration industry, NAFA provide education and certification programs for them. They even provide technician levels program to even add more professionalism and credibility in the industry and to its professionals.

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