Saturday, October 17, 2015

All About Pastor David Oloo

By Della Monroe

Any preacher will tell you how frustrating it is to start a ministry. For those who are not passionate about it, it is less likely that they will make it. Guidance from God is mandatory. Successful ministries disclose God as the force behind the success. Anointing is necessary for the preachers. No one can wake up and become a successful preacher if he or she has not been anointed. The success of Pastor David Oloo ministry is a sure sign on anointing.

Pastors should be genuine in their operations. It has become common in the modern world for people to join the church with ill intentions. However, this is not something believers should be surprised about since the bible has warned of false prophets coming up when the end of the world is near. It goes further to elaborate that you only need to check out their fruits to identify them. Pastor Oloo has a commitment to the ministry and performs his duties with zeal.

For the church to achieve its purpose, it should work towards bringing a change to the Christians lives. The church doctrines require the ministry to better the surrounding of its members. Transformations in a person lead to transformation in his or her environment due to the newly imparted virtues. The bible is the only sure tool to bring positive and long-lasting change.

A church has no direction if the people do not believe that Jesus was born from God. He was sent on earth to save human kind from sin. After accomplishing this mission, he went back to heaven and left his disciples to continue the work He had started. He is a high priest seated on the right hand of God. When He comes back again, He will judge the living and the dead.

Saving souls and spreading the gospel are the main goals of the church. Nonetheless, the leaders have a responsibility to influence the life of Christians positively. The grounds are meant to offer solutions, hope and help to the believers. They should preach the good news as much as they can. In addition, they have to teach the believers on how to save themselves from poverty.

As much as the preacher is church founder, it is not his or her church. God is the owner of all the churches in the world. It is Him who founded the very church through Christ. This means He is the ultimate leader of the ministry. The preachers should consult the almighty God before making any decision because he is only a servant.

Expanding the church ensures that the good news are communicated to many people from all over the world. However, the believers have to be active in missions of the church because it takes efforts and man power to accomplish this. The preacher as the leader of the congregation should come up with the vision of the institution and have a desire to see it come true. Pastor Oloo is committed to this.

Structural facilities are necessary to improve the living standards of believers. The church should take a lead role in making this to happen. Pastor David was lucky to get donors during his building projects to further the mission of his ministry.

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