Saturday, October 17, 2015

A Look Into True Lover Tests

By Sharon Weeks

Everyone has been in a situation where one gets an unexplainable feeling. This is a feeling of excitement or euphoria. This is especially so if you meet and have a chat with that special person that you always think of. Once in a while you may think that she is falling for you but you must keep on questioning this feeling. The true lover tests will help you discern and differentiate between real love and an infatuated feeling.

If you believe that infatuation is a love tester, you might be in an awesome relationship but you still fail to feel the love. The skewed expectations might be taking a rich, warm and deeper relationship from you. To add on, lack of knowing the difference between infatuation and love may lead you to unintentionally connecting to a person never to be your spouse and still conclude naively that you have found love.

To understand whether what you are feeling is love or not, consider the long term expectations of that feeling. A number of theories show true love to contain passion, intimacy and commitment. Not balancing these three can end up straining the relationship. People who are fond of each other but fall short on intimacy may not be able to live long in their relationship.

The test of time. True love grows with time while infatuation diminishes as time goes by. Get to know how hurriedly you start labeling certain feelings as love, realize if you have other words you use to describe such feelings. Supposing you find yourself falling in love every now and then and very early, and later you get disappointed, then keeping this test in mind will save your from a future heartache.

In many online sites there are tests that are available. Here there a preset questions with choices to pick as answers. After answering the questions, results are displayed. Even though the credibility of these results maybe disputed, they give a chance for a person to think. As one supplies answer to the questions asked, he is able to analyze his feelings. This enables him to make an independent observation. This is mostly meant for entertainment purposes.

The important aspect to check is trust. This can be manifested by how secure you feel in that relationship. A person in love sees the future with his or her lover. An infatuated person will still have wishes even when in relationship. This makes such a person blind to various problems affecting them. Security threat is experienced as a result of distrust in the character. This is also due to lack of appreciating other persons value.

Test of stability. True love will endure all obstacles. Infatuation may change all over sudden and unpredictably. When you are infatuated, the wind blows and one just falls in love. True love does not happen this way, it is more stable and there is commitment. Stability test is quite hard to apply to a relationship that is measured in only some few days or weeks.

Clear understanding of own personality is the first step towards attainment of true love. An individual should clearly know his areas of interest and what he does not like. A point to remember that the person you love will be your lifetime partner. One should therefore be certain of what he or she is doing.

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