Saturday, October 17, 2015

Trusted Ambler PA Kids Gym Helps Show Kids How To Stay Active And Maintain Good Health

By Carmella Isenhour

Children in the kindergarten age group are overflowing with energy. It can be channeled into structured fun. They love to run, jump and try cartwheels. The cartwheels and somersaults will not be perfect. But, classes at Ambler PA Childrens Gymnastics will teach beginning skills as well as simple social skills such as how to wait in line for their turn.

The child in elementary school is eager to learn new tricks and develop their skills quickly. They are encouraged to advance at their own level. Soon they become confident in their abilities. It is fun to perform and satisfying to do it well. It is important that each improves as much as possible.

The classes open to teens include strength training and learning how to perform on the vault, parallel bars, balance beam, tumbling and floor exercise. They especially enjoy time spent on the trampoline. The focus is on events that are performed in competition at all levels, including the Olympics.

Experienced adults as well as beginners are allowed to take class together. Some of these students are seasoned competitors who want to brush up on skills. Others simply want a way to exercise that is both challenging and fun. Trampoline time and doing basic tricks is a wonderful way to stay in shape.

Any gymnast heading for competition may want private coaching sessions. These are conducted by retired professional gymnasts. Each session will improve on acquired skills on the balance beam, parallel bars and vault. The combination of dance moves and acrobatics will be developed for floor exercise. Constructive criticism will be offered by the coach.

Parents may be interested in booking a birthday party for their child who is interested in gymnastics. This may include all the partygoers spending an hour in the gym with the instructors. Each child will be urged to participate in trying different basic tricks. Following time in the gym, there is a party with cake, ice cream and time for the birthday child to open gifts.

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