Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Learn More About Prison Reentry Programs

By Elizabeth Adams

In each country or county, there will be prisons and exchange programs in the communities. Here you will meet that after the prisoners finish their term; they will go back to the community that they came from. Normally the government will fund them a few, and that is all. However, this does not help them much and so keep reading to know what prison reentry programs have to offer.

After getting out of jail, giving them a few dollars and dropping them off at a bus or train station does not help much. This is because they need other necessities like food and shelter. Leaving them on their own with no idea of how to help themselves out may just put them back in a life of crime. What is worse is they probably cannot get a job because of their record and even due to the lack of the required skill set. In this day and age, the competition for jobs is fierce.

Research shows that even after getting released, at least three quaters of the ex- convicts find themselves going to jail. This being the case because they find it hard to blend in the community that they ones lived in. This being the case because they are dumped back to the community with their hands tied, and feet cut making it almost hard to survive and thus they go back to the thug life and that what it gets them back there. And so the prison reentry program tries to correct this or even up the odds a little bit, thus ensuring the community is at peace.

The chances are high that you have heard of success stories of how inmates get out and can tilt the odds in their favor, but this is only for the lucky few. Studies have shown that a whopping 75% find themselves on the wrong side of the law barely a year down the line. This is a worrying statistic considering that reducing this is important both at a personal and society level. This can only be possible with re-entry program that is well managed.

Talking of a properly managed program, it needs to be supportive all through. Continous studies reveal that preferring punitive measures will in most cases not solve the issue. On the other hand, ex-prisoners tend to be more receptive the moment they are commended for any achievement made, regardless of how small. Being supportive goes a long way in helping them reach their goal.

It is along the same lines that this approach has been seen to reduce recidivism in different states. The secret behind this is that the individual cases management is the silver bullet that helps them excel in areas like vocational and education programming. What is more, they are not only taught on ways to succeed however are also helped in knowing how it feels to be successful.

In these same lines, the personal case management will see more people survive out there. This because it singles down to the ground on the personalities of the individuals and solves each problem with regards to the individual.

learning the concepts and necessities of these programs is vital. You ought to go through these guidelines to understand the least known pointers that will help you in the process

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