Thursday, April 27, 2017

Qualities Of An Effective Counselor For Spiritual Counselling Victoria BC

By Scott Robinson

In daily life human being undergo a lot of challenges. They vary from emotional, social, psychosocial or financial challenges. All these shortcomings got their varied remedies. Spiritual counseling is the psychological counseling service offered by spiritual directors or chaplains who are qualified in the counseling field. They integrate spiritual knowledge in the counseling process. This is to assist those suffering recover quickly. They assist patients to understand the purpose of living, how to cope with difficult situations, to overcome grief and forget lost opportunity. The key factors to consider while seeking spiritual counselling Victoria BC services are as discussed below.

The church ministers in Victoria BC City carrying the activities of the counseling should be well conversant with scriptures. This is because the services that they are offering are based on scripture. Pastoral challenges get answers from the Bible and other related materials. They are therefore expected to have a vast knowledge of the same. This will assist them to offer the services effectively.

They possess good communication skills. These built the interpersonal relationship. Counseling is all about receiving and passing the information without distortion. The therapist should be able to use language effectively to build a good interpersonal relationship with clients. The closer they are the faster the process takes place. They should apply it in the daily activities.

Knowledge about counseling is very important. Spiritual counseling is the psychosocial application of counseling techniques in a spiritual situation. This means though it is more of a spiritual affair, counseling knowledge is necessary to make the therapist authentic. Poor knowledge will lead to low performance.

They are supposed to pay keen attention and tolerance to their clients. Due to psychological suffering one is undergoing they might be unable to speak faster and fluently. The attendant is required to pay very keen attention to them and allow them enough time to express their feelings. This will give insight to what client is undergoing. One should use more time listening than speaking. Giving them time they will feel a bit loved and will be open to express the challenges they are undergoing.

They should be updated in the societal changes. This is by being good academicians and researchers. Whatever was learned in college cannot be enough to cater for all needs of clients. This is because problems change with changes in time, and to overcome them one is required to update the perspective of approaching them and methods they use.

They ought to have the ability to keep confidential. The clients will be secure to share their problems only where they feel comfortable, and their information would not leak. It is against code of conducts and ethics for one to leak such information. All competent attendants will show maturity while handling secrets and whatever shared with remain confidential with the client.

They should sympathize with the patients and give them some comforts. People undergoing suffering might feel as if the world is against them. It is the role of these chaplains or ministers to show some compassionate and love to them. The little kindness can make one feel comfortable to attend all referrals for therapy and facilitates the process of healing.

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