Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why Sweating The Small Stuff Really Matters

By Evan Sanders

Where does confidence come from? Is it something that comes natural and you are just born with or can we actually build confidence over a period of time? Yes, some people just seem to have it. But as someone who had it, lost it fully, and had to build it all back from scratch, I'm going to point out that you can achieve some pretty fascinating things with building some iron confidence in your life.

Perhaps you have none in your life at the moment, or maybe you just want some more because you know how much it would aid you with making big decisions. But really, where does this confidence come from? There are these little things I really like to call momentum builders that help you create confidence over time. Confidence, and the development of long-lasting confidence comes from the activity of sweating the details, the small stuff, the things that most people often overlook. Why are these momentum builders important? Because when you can nail the tiny details down, and truly knock those out of the park day in and day out, you build yourself some forward movement. You essentially get yourself out of the mud and heading in a direction. Often, going in any direction is better than not moving at all. You actually begin to say, "Okay, I was capable of doing these things and brought these good habits into my life..what else am I truly capable of?" Now you are entering into a place of true magic. You see, when you actually nail the small stuff, the bigger things become even more possible. It's when we try to go for the gigantic goal without having the integrity of concentrating on the small things that actually set us up for failure.

So sweat the tiny stuff. Really take a little bit of time to deeply focus on the practicable measure of your life, and over time, start going for bigger goals. What if you fail? Take a step back down and refocus on what you can attain, and try and try again. This is a pretty simple path towards real success. In fact, the quantum leap is absolutely what you should not be focusing on.

A lot of people get put off when they try something gigantic in life and fail. Actually most folks will try something 3 times and then give up totally. But if you build some serious momentum, you'll have the confidence to try something over and again and again until the day you get it right.

Isn't that a much more fun way to live life?

Build some serious momentum behind you and you are capable of wonderful things.

But first, you have to sweat the little stuff.

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