Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Truth About GFRP Reinforcement

By Ericka Marsh

Look around you in the city. Try to examine the structures. You can see many buildings under construction. They are soon to rise. Beneath the beautiful tall buildings are the necessary equipments and materials needed to make it according to what the architects and engineers planned. There are a lot of details about it that you do not know yet.

In the beginning of the construction, there are certain needed foundations to be placed. Specific measures are required to meet the quality of it. Every building needs a framework. A Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer, GFRP reinforcement, is part of its brace. This is to strengthen superstructure components of big projects. It is made up of composite materials.

It is a sturdy lightweight object used in numerous purposes. Its contents is based primarily on carbon fiber. It is less brittle and inexpensive. It has great amount of strength that surpasses the capacity of any metal. It is also very uncomplicated to mold into the form you desire.

This was accidentally discovered by Owens Games Slayter. He unintentionally directed a jet compressed with air at stream of molten glass. Then, it began to produce fibers. That is where it started to become the fiber glass. It was his amazing discovery that he even called the process of manufacturing fiberglass as pultrusion.

Pultrusion happens when several minerals were burnt to hot furnace to achieve the creation of fiberglass. It is a composite material of reinforced with fiber and polymer matrix. It is light, reliable, corrosion resistant, and many more. This is commonly used in aerospace, construction, marine, etc. There are two ways in how the manufacture of fiber reinforcement is done. Here are the following.

Two Dimensional Fibre Reinforced Polymer. It is characterized by the lamination of a structure wherein fibers are aligned along the x and y direction only. The z direction is excluded. Cost and labor is highly affected.

Three Dimensional Fibre Reinforced Polymer. It is composed of materials that incorporate the fibre structures in all directions that in includes x, y and z. This was created to minimize the cost and labor.

In addition, there are ways to do the textile processing. It includes weaving, knitting, stitching and braiding. Unfortunately, GFRP is not just as great as it seem. It also has its own limits. In spite of its strength and other features, it has a weak point. It is also subject to weakness depending on the amount of correct mixture when it was created. Its liability is depending on the quality of the way it was made.

Most construction firms use them because there are countless benefits when you use it. It is also anticipated by the experts which they allowed it to be just a reinforcement to the foundation. In total, it contributed in creating the superstructures both attractive and strong. Around the world, both in business and at home used daily. You can even see them everywhere. They are sold mostly in hardware stores. You can even buy one for your home. It is very useful and durable even for daily use. Now let us appreciate the little details we discovered about the fiber glass, GFRP. They greatly added quality to our superstructures.

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