Tuesday, January 19, 2016

For Professionals In Past Life Regression Bellingham WA Needs Priority Consideration

By Virginia Jackson

The use of hypnosis and suggestions to recover memories from the past is referred to as past life regression. However, the process is viewed as simple delusions or confabulation by critics. Although other reasons exist, two main ones have been cited as the cause for most people to engage in the activity. The first reason is for spiritual pursuit and the other one is for psychotherapeutic reasons. When one needs professionally done past life regression Bellingham WA offers the best place to go.

Answering of questions and offering suggestions are the two main methods employed in past life regression (PLR). Previous events one participated in are then identified from the answers they give for the questions. Recollections from the practice are often considered false memories or simply as distorted because the process uses hypnosis. Accuracy in the information collected is criticized a lot by critics.

Memories originate from confabulations and cryptomnesia which combine knowledge, experience, imagination, suggestion and guidance from the hypnotist. Thus, the memories are less likely to originate from a recall of events the individual engaged in. When the memories recovered from this exercise were investigated, it became clear that they hold historical inaccuracies. There is a simple explanation for the historical inaccuracies through a fundamental understanding of events in media, history and elements of popular culture.

PLR is a very old practice. It has its origin in Asian countries, India in particular. It served religious purposes in those days. The very first texts about the practice were written in the 2nd century BC. In those texts, impressions overcrowd souls as part of karma. The karma originates from the lives that the souls have lived previously.

Ancient Indians saw PLR as a way through which memories of previous lives are addressed. Even today, there are some versions of yoga that still incorporate PLR in their practice. In religious mythology of the Chinese, souls were prevented by the deity Meng Po from remembering past lives. The deity gives souls the bittersweet drink to prevent them from having memories of past lives before they reincarnate.

The idea of PLR was introduced in the West by someone named Madame Blavatsky. Since then, many texts have been written about it. Psychiatrists, mediums, psychologists and other practitioners have conducted a lot of research about this process since the 50s. Some advocates of the field possess valid credentials, something that increased its credibility. However, the valid credentials are not related in any way to psychotherapy, religion or other fields that relate to PLR.

A lot of research is still underway in this field. So far, no concrete scientific evidence exists in support of the ideas and claims put forwards by various practitioners. Despite lack of scientific evidence, the number of Americans seeking these services from practitioners is very high.

This field lacks standards, something that has made many false practitioners to join. That is the reason one must be careful when they are looking for a practitioner to hire. One of the best ways to find a good practitioner is by seeking referrals from workmates and other parties.

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