Friday, February 26, 2016

Are You In Love With A Pisces?

By Albert Charlie

Just when you thought that love couldn't get any more complicated. It actually becomes complicated when we think that is has a face of its own. We often don't understand it because we tend to feel upset by it. Learning to understand love is a unique and powerful voice. We can understand who we are destined to be with and why. A lot of people today are wondering about their star sign. We will talk about Pisces and Sagittarius. These zodiac signs are said to have their share of problems, but it is nothing compared with what the future holds for them. It is important to remember that in life, there will always be problems.

Sagittarius is a sigh of fire and ruled by Jupiter. Being a fire-oriented sign, you have a fiery attitude and you prove it true through your aggression. You do the work very enthusiastically and leave an impression among others because of your nature. You are optimistic and try to win over others due to your high level of energy.

Like Sagittarius, Pisces is ruled by Jupiter too. However, being Water sign, you have the power to give calmness and relaxation to a large number of people who rely upon your advice. You have a very compassionate nature and go out of way to help those suffering in distress or pain. Being the last sign of zodiac, you are quite spiritual in nature and take life accordingly. As Sagittarius and Pisces are both under the Lordship of Jupiter, they have good compatibility. The level of mutual understanding is high compared to other zodiacs due to an effective communication between the two. With Pisceans living in the world of fantasy and Sagittarians living in the world of adventure, they try to enliven the world of dreams through broadened visions. They are mutable signs and never attempt to dominate each other but try to create a relationship that can be nurtured to the fullest. They complement each other in case their goals match. There might be slight differences on attaining those goals but excitement of Sagittarians and patience of Pisceans is crucial in obtaining the results or targets.

Sagittarians and Pisceans believe a lot in thinking and deciding on a common path. Due to a Fire element, Sagittarians are outward in nature. They try to use all possible forces of strength in moving on the path that leads to achievement. Being a Fish sign, Pisceans use inward strength in moving around the circle of thoughts. They may fail to express, however; their shy nature is quite supportive to Sagittarians. In case Pisceans are not feeling comfortable in their movement, the Sagittarians will make an all outright effort to give comfort and ease so that goal can be achieved fruitfully.

I admit that astrology is not for everyone. Some people believe in fate and not the stars. Linda Goodman was a well-known astrologer that wrote a book called Love Signs. The book showed which astrology signs go well together and which do not. Astrology is a field of study that requires time to learn it. It is a lot like a modern day religion. It takes years of study to master any religion. Astrology has been around for around 10,000 years and it doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. As a matter of fact, the internet makes it more obvious that it's growing. Many men and women read their horoscope each week to find out who loves them and if there is a chance at love in any given year.

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