Friday, February 26, 2016

Your Spiritual Growth In A Treatment Center

By Alan Greenbensons

The best programs for alcoholics are those that have a faith based program. The founder of Alcoholics Anonymous Bill Wilson said that he was not able to overcome his addiction without his faith in Jesus Christ. It is important to know how important your faith is and why you must discipline yourself into overcoming any obstacles.

When a person decides to become sober, they are often looking for a miracle cure. They want all of the pain and sorrow from their life to go away. Most people take drugs because they feel like nobody cares about them and like there is no more hope. In reality, hope exists because we are out there looking for it. We have to take notice to our lives because it depends on our personal growth and knowledge. Life in general takes time and we all have a spiritual path in which we need to grow. We look at life as being something that is hard to control. When you think about it, our lives depend on things working out better for us in the end.

You may look at the life of Bill Wilson and understand that he was in a position in which he had to change his own life. It was a hard part for him to look back on his life and feel like something had to change. Change happens when we least expect and we often don't know or even understand why something happens to us. Bill Wilson was able to turn to his faith when it came to overcoming his addictions. It is important to understand that addiction is a powerful force of our times. We are addicted to things that come naturally to us.

It is not uncommon got hear of a 12 year old getting drunk today. Alcohol and drugs are so easy to buy. It takes a matter of moments for a person's life to change. It takes a matter of moments for things to start happening to us. When we look at our own spiritual path, we should see growth and change. We use it to our advantage many of times. We must see to it that we strive for perfection and a way to handle our lives a bit more differently. Look at life and try to function in a way that makes sense to you.

There is a lot of truth in our sobriety. It says that we can no longer live a life of disappointing ourselves and other people. When a person takes responsibility, they begin to see their growth working out naturally. It is a blessing to see growth working for so many people in the world today. It is a true blessing to be sober. Take some time to meditate and grow close to Jesus. In this way, you can fully know how much God loves you. Spiritual books and the Holy Bible always bring us closer to God.

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