Thursday, August 3, 2017

Public Motivational Speaking Is An Art That Can Be Learned

By Walter White

Millions of people wish they were more successful, happier or richer but think that they have no option other than to accept their lot in life. Yet there are people who experience horrible setbacks, live through nightmare or simply apply simple truths in their own lives and achieve magnificent results. Such people are popular speakers because they often other people to become inspired to change their own lives. This is why public motivational speaking remains so popular.

It seems that people have an unquenchable thirst for knowing exactly what happened during a calamity or when things went terribly wrong for a specific person. When a particularly gripping story gains attention, the person in the middle of it all is often asked to share his experiences. Many such speakers are not good at addressing crowds, however.

The inability to communicate effectively makes it very difficult to convey even the most inspirational message. They are often nervous in front of crowds and cameras and they feel intimidated by the attention that they receive. As a consequence, many of them simply never succeed in inspiring and motivating others. This can easily be resolved through even very basic training, however.

The internet is a great resource for learning how to conduct oneself as a speaker at events. There are numerous courses, some of them even free of charge. Apart from that there are countless websites that offer valuable advice on how to prepare and deliver a truly professional address to an audience. These sources of advice will even be helpful to those that are only called upon to perform in front of an audience, such as a wedding reception, once in their lives.

Many speakers become popular briefly because they have a new or controversial message or they have an experience to share. There are numerous others, however, that have made a career out of motivating and inspiring people. Retired sports stars, those that were involved in spectacular failures but managed to recover and many others remain popular for years. They believe in their own message and manage to convey their belief to their audiences.

Some of the top rated speakers demand fees that can easily be as high as a hundred thousand dollars per event. They are in very high demand and their services must be booked months or sometimes even years in advance. Many of these successful speakers augment their careers with the publication of books, blogs, videos and workshops. In many cases a new book, for example, will even serve to blow new life into the speaking career of the author.

There can be little doubt that many event planners see the presence of a famous speaker as a guarantee that the event will be a success. There are many critics too, however. They say that these speakers are paid fortunes for repeating the same tired message time and time again, without ever adding anything new. They also accuse some speakers of convincing people that they have special insight or abilities.

The secret of successful motivational lecturing is in making the audience believe that they are hearing a new and fresh message that can help them change their own lives. Freshly inspired many members of the audience will indeed resolve to change themselves. Sadly, this inspiration is often very short lived.

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