Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Benefits Of Attending Clergywomen Spiritual Retreats Midwest

By Daniel Hall

Retreat, like the word suggests, is an event or an experience made to return to a source or regain an experience. Such experiences are fulfilling when the quest to know more of God is prioritized. Individuals and groups are often seen in secluded areas for this reason. Some group retreats like the clergywomen spiritual retreats Midwest are known to be life-changing.

Retreats help people to meet God. Being ordained as a minister does not make one immune to temptations and lusts. Some ministers are even at more risks to miss the mark because they are placed at a position where they can easily compare themselves with others who may have made more impact than themselves. With an encounter with God, it is expected that a backsliding minister will get back on the track.

Some pastors are at a risk of giving out only what they have without learning from others. Sometimes, this happens because such pastors have no members with spiritual gifts to bless the church. However, in meetings involving other clergies, such a pastor has several opportunities to learn something new. It could be more insight on the word of God or how to manage the church more effectively.

A retreat is an opportunity for people to get back to their first love. Some clergy women lost their first love after marriage, child-bearing, political appointments, and getting a job. If one has been called for full-time service in the church, it is important for the one to keep every other thing aside. This consciousness can be regained during a retreat.

If a clergy woman discovers that she has lost interest in doing the things she was enthusiastic about during the first few months after her ordination, it is necessary for her to go for a retreat. It is possible for the woman to be distracted having seen some of her mates getting political appointments or part-time jobs. Even though these things are not bad, a full-time clergywoman must learn how to manage these other interests to avoid being a distraction to the main call.

It also gives a chance to be with others. Being with others who share the same vision in the field is necessary for one to keep the fire burning. By listening to their testimonies and what God has been doing in their ministry, you too can become more faithful in the call. It will also give you the opportunity to know how they do certain things which you find difficult to do in your local church.

If you have never had the time to play games as a pastor, a retreat with other clergy women could bring you the opportunity. It could be a ground to learn new games, exercise yourself, talk about politics and disconnect yourself from your usual environment. Such a gathering can give more strength to get back to work.

If you have got a revelation or an insight to a matter that concerns the church at large, the retreat ground is a place to make it known. Although you may be paid a token for teaching others, the joy you will get from impacting the lives of other ministers is more overwhelming. This is because you know that by reaching out to the pastors, you are indirectly meeting the needs of thousands of congregation who attend their churches.

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